September- Science Fiction

Greetings, all. My name is Jake, and I hope to be your editor.

Let me begin by saying that my submission guidelines and a list of future anthologies are available for viewing in the two tabs to the right of this one. If you want to submit, my e-mail address is found inside of the submission guidelines.

Now, onto Science Fiction. SciFi was chosen to set these anthologies into motion because of its broad definitions as a genre. This is a chance for writers interested in this project to get settled in for the more obscure genres and subgenres sure to follow.

Read the submission guidelines and send me a story that qualifies as SciFi; Send space operas, simulism, quantum mechanics or good old ray guns on Mars- if it’s Science Fiction, it’s open to consideration.

Submissions are now open, although it’s currently August. Take note that future anthologies will only take submissions during their respective month.

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2 Responses to September- Science Fiction

  1. would love to send something, Jake, but can’t find the submissions guidelines, which of the tags do I click?

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