September- Two Weeks Remaining

First, a big thanks to submitters! The Accepted stories list has doubled in the past few days, and I’m hoping for some more quality SciFi before the 30th hits. If you’ve got a story, even if you’re not sure if it’ll work, send it in- you could be lucky!

Second, greetings to all of you readers who decided to check out this website, including The Codex Writers Group. Thanks for the interest!

Onto the page count: 77. We are 23 pages away from being able to publish, but don’t be mistaken- that’s the minimum, and one upside to this venture is that there’s no page number where we have to stop. If you have a scifi short story, a novelette or novella, or even a piece of flash fiction, don’t hesitate to send it in.

All-in-all, it seems like this anthology’s going to hit 100 pages way before deadline. It also seems that I’ll be drawing this cover personally. Oh, dear.

I believe this sums everything up.


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