November- Postapocalyptic

The Lovecraftian Horror Anthology is now published, and can be purchased through Smashwords via a link in the “Available Anthologies” tab, or through here:

Now, for newcomers, welcome to Jake’s Monthly, and it’s time to write a story. This collection is in its third month, and third collection, out of maybe-twelve, and this collection’s theme is Postapocalyptic.

I’m looking for stories of what happens after a world (or society as a whole) has ended. I am expressly looking for postapocalyptic fiction; I will only accept stories set after the world has ended. Beyond this, there are no boundaries besides those set in the submission guidelines. 

So send me bleak, reflective glimpses into the psyches of hopeless survivors, action-packed zombie splatterpunk, a nuclear comedy, or whatever you consider to be postapocalyptic.

My email can be found at the bottom of the mission statement and submission guidelines. I look forward to your stories.


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5 Responses to November- Postapocalyptic

  1. Dale Schweitz says:

    “A Home Coming” is a fantastic story! It was a little short, but WOW!

    • Juanita Nelson says:

      Good story but a little gross! Liked the Fire Valley story, too. Is Ryant published anywhere else?

      • jakesmonthly says:

        I’m not particularly sure, to be honest. I’ve contacted Ryant and sent him a link to this page, so I assume it’s only a matter of time before he answers your question.

  2. Juanita Nelson says:

    Thanks for the interest! Jake’s is actually the first to accept a story of mine for publication. Currently, I have submissions to several other journals cooking, and with a little luck, Jakesmonthly will honor me with further support. If you’re interested in info regarding my other works and current projects, you’re welcome to check out my blog at Thank you for supporting the publication and its authors.

  3. B. Ron Ryan says:

    Thanks, Dale! As my aunt was kind enough to point out with her response(s), my current and future projects are on my blog. Check it out. Thanks everyone for supporting Jakesmonthly and the writers who contributed their gems to the November 2011 PA issue.

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