January- All Clear, February- Basic Guidelines

The Punk collection is good to go. We’ve got stories in just about every punk genre you can name, and there’s even going to be a new one, never-before-seen! All that remains is to compile it and do all those other little tasks which make the world go round.

In the meantime, let’s bring up February’s theme, which is more of a movement than a genre. The Bizarro movement is weird, absurd, and profane. It is what I believe all fiction should strive to be: entertaining, even at the cost of sanity and taste. Needless to say, my age rather dilutes the potential to be off-taste, but the “language, gore, sexual content, etc.” guidelines have been taken off. Wield your new-found power responsibly, but enjoy it, because it’s going away again next month.

A good Bizarro story isn’t just weird things happening for the sake of having weird things happen. A good Bizarro story has a plot, but also makes you ask (or, preferably, scream) “What am I reading?!”. Until I can write up a few more specific guidelines, I’ll leave you with that information.

Expect the anthology to be released within the first week of this month.

-Jake (The Staff)

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