February- All Clear, March- Coming Soon

The Bizarro collection is closed, filled to the brim with odd stories, and will take a lot of time to compile. Still, it’s going to be worth it. Full guidelines for the next collection will go up when this one has been published, but here’s the gist of March’s collection.

A Locked-Room or Locked-Door Mystery is a specific type of mystery story. In this story, the death/crime/event is apparently impossible (“He died of a gun wound in this room and the only door in was locked!”) but actually has a clever solution. It’s brain-teasers meeting detective fiction. Feel free to take this to the stars, into the realms of sword and sorcery, or to the gritty days of noir, as long as the mystery’s “impossible” and there’s a satisfying explanation for it. Bonus points for a clever, likeable protagonist, unless your protagonist isn’t the one solving the mystery.

-Jake (Staff)

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