March- Locked-Room Mystery

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Jake’s Monthly. The explosion of Bizarro is done, and now that I’ve finally coaxed it all into sitting still, it’s up on Smashwords, right here:

Now, onto the next collection, Locked-Room Mystery. Locked-Room Mystery is a subgenre of the Mystery genre which I’m sure everyone’s read at least one example of. The elements are simple: a crime or event, usually a murder, which can’t possibly have happened. This isn’t just a case of “no one lacks an alibi”, this is “the man was murdered and died of a gunshot while sitting in a locked room with only one entrance”. The main character works throughout the story, and the reveal shows how the crime was committed. A really good Locked-Room story has an “impossible” mystery which an observant reader can solve before the detective.

If you can write a good mystery that does that, you’re in. Feel free to be imaginative, if you don’t typically write mundane stories. Set it in the distant future, or the far past. Noir, horror, fantasy, science fiction- they’re all great, and both originality and variety are highly encouraged. Have fun with it!

Guidelines and my e-mail address are found in the tab labeled “Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines”.

I look forward to your stories.

-Jake Johnson (The Staff)

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4 Responses to March- Locked-Room Mystery

  1. monikapant says:

    Just finished my locked room mystery. Wanted to submit it. It’s still March, will you not consider it?

  2. monikapant says:

    I just finished my locked door mystery. Wanted to submit it. As it’s still March, will you not consider it if I send it?

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