April- Thriller

Greetings! Welcome (back) to Jake’s Monthly. Locked-Room Mystery’s been published, and is available on smashwords here.

Now, the next volume is going to be Thriller. “What kind of thriller?” I hear you ask. The answer? All kinds: eco-, apocalyptic, SF, fantasy, paranormal, spy, fantasy, political, and so on. Any kind of Thriller will be accepted. However, the best stories will be those where there isn’t a single dull moment. High-quality thrillers typically feature daring escapes, chases, countdowns, and likeable protagonists facing incredibly powerful enemies. Feel free to go full-on action movie, but make your readers care and give them a ride well worth the price of admission.

You can find the submission guidelines over at Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines. It’s guaranteed that you’ll receive a response before the end of the month, and it normally takes less than a week.

I look forward to your stories.

-Jake (Editor and Publisher)

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