May-June- Alternate History

Greetings! Welcome (back) to Jake’s Monthly. The Thriller anthology has not yet been published due to a number of last-minute submissions which are still being perused.This message will be updated with a link to the book’s page when it is published.

UPDATE: And here it is!

Due to these extra submissions and a maelstrom of finals, exams, and standardized tests which will comprise the majority of May for me, the next anthology, Alternate History, will have a two month submission period. The last time this happened was at this project’s genesis, and it led to the jam-packed, amazing Science Fiction Anthology. I hope that this collection can match it.

Alternate History is basically what it says on the tin. Write a story about, in, or involving a world where history turned out differently. Feel free to write historical fiction, like an alternate Wild West where Rome never fell. Feel free to write any form of punk, although those stories should be kept to a minimum, since they already had their own collection. You can even write far-future SF, if you like, but the event or events which happened differently have to be set in our present or past, like “SETI contacted and managed communication with intelligent extraterrestrials in 2006”.

Feel free to take it slow and put a lot of extra effort into your story, since you have double the normal time. Feel free to submit multiple stories even if you usually don’t, or send longer stories than you typically do.

You can find the submission guidelines and my email address at Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines. It’s basically guaranteed that I’ll respond to you before the end of June, and it usually takes about a week, although with my current schedule, I make no promises.

I look forward to your stories.

-Jake J. Johnson (Editor)

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One Response to May-June- Alternate History

  1. Please take a look at my blog…

    A few other writers and I have teamed up to create an alternate history universe where others can join in. It’s filled with the secret weapons that the German’s and US almost brought to fruition in 1946-47. All those weird jets, a SAM system, the incredible spy network that the soviets had in both the US and UK, communists everywhere, massive Soviet tanks, evil scientists and of course Stalin haunt our pages.

    We are starting the Battle of Britain Two soon.

    Did you know that both the US and UK had switched from a war economy to 90% consumer products by Jan. 1946? How about the fact that a Soviet spy had physical control of the world’s supply of Polonium? The British were totally flat broke? Almost the entire US work force was on strike at one point in 1945-46? That the US debt was 125% of GDP in 1946? That the Soviets had in their possession 3 perfectly good B29s to study and take apart since 1944? That the US troops in Western Europe in the spring of 1946 were untrained, ill equipped, ill lead, rookies and glorified policemen? All true in our life time. I’ve put all this together and much more to create a world where Stalin goes for the brass ring and invades Western Europe in May 1946.

    I’m not a writer, as you will soon discover, but I think I’ve found some very interesting twists and turns that will make for a great story. I also believe I have setup a very plausible alternative history. We are looking for other contributors.

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