August- Slipstream

Welcome (back) to Jake’s Monthly. This is our next-to-last collection, and it commemorates a years’ effort on my part and on the part of every one of our amazing authors. Thank you all.

Magic Realism has not yet been published, but we’re prepared to shove it out the door as soon as possible. A link to it will be added here when it has been published.

EDIT: (I’ve never done that before. It feels interesting.) Here’s a link to the finished collection.

Now, this month’s genre is Slipstream, which can have a lot of different meanings. So, before anything else, let’s define it:

Slipstream is, most basicaly, a blending of different types of stories. This can be a clash between genres or it can be a mixing of speculative fiction and literary fiction. A lot of Slipstream has a literary flavor to it, so feel free to exercise the old lit-muscles, but make sure to keep it interesting.

All of the regular guidelines are available under Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines, as is my email address. I look forward to your stories.

-Jake (The Staff)

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2 Responses to August- Slipstream

  1. Jerry Vilhotti says:

    I was wondering if you accept or reject literary short works via E-mail? Some of my latest works are: “When The Bronx Became Brooklyn”, “Docta Freud’s House Calls”, “Kamikaze Shooterdowner” , “Falling Way Way Out of Olivia”, “Kafka’s Tomb”, “Mind Wipe”,”Drinking in Whispers”, “Olivia’s Fiery Words”, “A Poor Man’s Havaad”, “Tina of the Troy”, “Tommy Tom Tom’s Outer Space Journeys”,”Where the Facawee?”, “Sports Wars between the Jinx Gods and Greek Gods”, “A Hundred-one eyed Dog”, “The boy who could not do bodily functions” ….

    I was born a hyphenated American in the East Bronx where Poe once walked with all his demons but now I live in a simpler place in time among the Litchfield Hills where the ghosts of Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe and John Brown walk with my wife and me on our short walks.

    I was fortunate to have had stories published in literary magazines in nearly a dozen countries spaced among four continents and live with a beautiful wife who waits for me to return from my imaginary meandering.

    Thank you for your time and kind attention, Jerry V. ….

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