September- The Final Anthology

Welcome back. The Slipstream Anthology will be out shortly, and a link will be posted here when it becomes available.

EDIT: The Slipstream Anthology is out now, here:

Now- you sitting down?- our last anthology’s open. We’ve had our fun, but we’ve accomplished everything Jake’s Monthly was set out to do, and now it’s time to lay this project to rest with the greatest stories out there.

This month: any genre. This is the endgame. Send Bizarro, SF, Fantasy, Slipstream, Lalalandpunk- anything, but make it awesome. Let’s sing this project to its rest and give it the strongest finish possible.

I look forward to your stories.


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5 Responses to September- The Final Anthology

  1. R.S. Bohn says:


    When is the last day for submissions?

    Kind regards,


  2. Michael Trimmer says:

    Hi Jake

    If we send in a story, when will you be letting us know if it will be in the anthology or not?


    • Jake says:

      Outside factors (as they tend to) are getting in the way of me responding to submissions. I’ll be able to let you know hopefully on the 30th, as I have to do all of the submissions in one giant read-through. If I’m unlucky, the 1st of October. I know how slow the clock can tick, but rest assured that I do have Restarts and New Starts and I’ll be reading it soon.

      • Michael Trimmer says:

        Thanks very much. Sorry to be a bothersome badger about it, it’s just all very exciting 🙂

        Hope you enjoy it!


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