All Clear

The Final Anthology is now available at


I think The Final Flashshot sums this up pretty well:

“He hit the SEND key with a finality that seemed almost surreal. Ten years of psychotic killers, cheating hubbies, alien invasions, criminals caught and uncaught, monsters, housewives, Santa Clauses, leprechauns and New Year’s celebrations. Ten years. 73,000 minutes, 1217 hours, 50+ days of his life…Made a lot of friends, not so much money.

He waited. A little anti-climactic. No explosions. No ten-ton ACME weights falling with deadly force. FLASHSHOT ends not with a bang, not even a whimper.

Just a last slurp of coffee, as he turns to the headlines on Yahoo and a thought, what adventure will I turn to now?”

This site’s going to stay up, but don’t expect Jake’s Monthly to return. It’s time that we all move on to even greater projects. And don’t worry about me, because I’m not going anywhere.

To keep track of me and whatever new projects I’ll be doing, check me out at

It’s been fun.

-Jake Johnson

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2 Responses to All Clear

  1. Mike Jansen says:

    Yes, it’s definitely been a fun ride. Thanks Jake, for all your hard work. Much appreciated.

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