Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines

This project has lived its life to the fullest and accomplished everything it set out to do, and now it is over.

If you’re reading this, it’s time to write something.

This wordpress account is designed to help create at least twelve anthologies for publication on Smashwords. Each anthology will focus on a different genre or subgenre, and will be published at the end of each month, when I will place it on Smashwords for $0.99. Assuming nothing goes awry, I plan to do this for at least twelve consecutive months, starting in September, as it’s currently August 12th.

Ah, the best laid plans…

The submission guidelines are as follows:


LENGTH: Since this is an ebook with only a minimum of pages rather than a maximum, any length is allowed- including novellas or novelettes- that isn’t a fully-fledged novel. This is because a full-fledged novel would probably make some decent bits, and I wouldn’t want to detract its author from such a reward.

FORMAT: DON’T double space, add web formatting, or put spaces in-between paragraphs.

DO write in Verdana (unless you don’t want to), indent, center three asterisks (these: ***) to show a scene break, and put your title and name at the beginning, centered.

MAKE SURE TO save it in Rich Text Format by making the file type “.rtf”, and attach it to your email. If you wish, feel free to include a short bio and a link to your website or blog at the end of your story.

MATURE CONTENT: Nothing erotic or sexually vulgar will be allowed. Even tasteful sex scenes. Cursing is free, but preferable when not overused. These rules are imposed because your editor is sixteen, and society would rather you not stain his pwecious widdle eyes.

RIGHTS: The collection takes One-Time Electronic Publishing Rights. In English, this means that accepted writers are free to take their work elsewhere once an anthology is published, but they must tell any other submission-acceptors of the previous acceptance. (Please bear in mind that after a story is accepted here, it can only be sent elsewhere as a reprint, which will reduce where you can send it and how much you can sell it for.) No works may be removed from the published anthology, unless said works have previously been copyrighted elsewhere. If anything you plan on sending has been copyrighted elsewhere, save time and don’t submit it here.

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS?: No, do not send a story here and somewhere else at the same time.


REPRINTS?: Yes, if you tell or show me where they’ve been previously accepted.

PAYMENT?: No payment will be offered. These are “For the Love” anthologies, designed to offer publicity to authors rather than bits.

WHAT WE WANT: A story in whatever genre is available this month. No other rules exist. If you’re new to the genre at hoof or not yet very experienced in it, please submit- your new voice is wanted. If you’re particularly experienced when it comes to the genre, please submit- your experienced stories are wanted.

EMAIL: [Ha, sorry, nothing to see here. If you want to contact me, I’m sure you can find me at http://experimentsinwords.wordpress.com/]


4 Responses to Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines

  1. this looks good! Story coming…

  2. Tom Wells says:

    I have sent in my submission. I hope this new endeavor works out. It is exciting to see new publishing venues opening in the e-story age.

  3. Hiya Jake,

    Saw your note on Static’s message board…many thanks for the invite to submit a story. Got one in mind, I’ll send it to you in the next day or two…hope you’ll like it.


  4. Michael Trimmer says:

    Hi Jake

    How long should we expect before you let us know with a yay/nay?


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